What Is It

Get Career Guidance – A personalised program designed to help you match your talents with the right path for you, guide you in taking consistent action towards your goals, and overcoming worries.

This One-on-One coaching program was made for you, especially if you’ve been held back by confusion and stuckness to find your right path.

Nothing is more stressful than knowing you should be doing something more meaningful in your life but not moving ahead because you’re unclear. Add to this, feeling of constant anxiety about the time slipping away and thinking that you should be further ahead by now.

Hi! I’m Lena, talent coach and founder of socially conscious company who helps professionals discover their unique talents to do meaningful work they were born to make. Once stuck and confused in my own career, I now help you.

After working with dozens professionals from private and public sector who wanted to find their right path and define the next steps to follow, I found they struggle with one of these 3 problems:

1. You miss meaning in your current work or life

“I feel bored doing the same over and over again without any purpose. I’m not challenged or enjoying current role. I’d like to get more energy to work on something that makes a difference.”

2. You don’t have a career vision, next steps to follow

“I’m stuck in my professional life. I would like to change job, but I don’t know which direction should I take. I’d like to build my skills, and explore options I’m not considering, because I simply don’t know they exist.“

3. You want to change path but not sure if you have what it takes

“I’m a bit unsure about my idea. I have never done something like this before and I don’t even know if I’ll be successful or not, but I feel like I need a major change of path.”

You’re about to learn how to find the right career path for you, take the next steps, and make a difference by being who you genuinely are.

What You’ll Get

Career Guidance Program helps you understand your true desires and talents, and most importantly how to turn your dreams into happy reality.

⇒  Articulate your talents and goals

⇒  Make clear decisions on your next steps

⇒  Take consistent and smart action

⇒  Turn your dreams into your new reality

Supported with personalised and beautifully designed exercises, real life examples from public and private sector work environments, tools, and tested strategies to help you make a difference with your talents.


1. Get insights about your career decisions and your dreams.

2. Discover your unique talents and what engages you at work.

3. Get clarity on your career goals and your next steps.

4. How to overcome fears and develop a resourceful mindset.

5. The 5 tested secrets of making a continuous progress.

… And More


Ongoing Support, Accountability, and Motivation via email during 3 months period.


Your Talents, Values, Motivations and Engagement Factors Reports.



Free Follow-Up Coaching session to help you stay on track (2 extra hours of coaching).

How It Works

Get Your Career Guidance Program is a personalised One-on-One Program that consists of 10h of in person (Brussels) or live coaching sessions via Skype (international locations) during 3 months period.

After sending me email with a short description of your situation, I will follow-up with you to schedule FREE 45 min call to discuss your needs in-detail. If we both agree to work together, I’ll send you a Welcome Package that includes your contract, confidentiality agreement, and invoice (to keep the paperwork straight and right for your from the beginning).

We’ll then agree to a date for your first coaching session and I’ll send you your Introductory Resources to start your clarity journey.


Wow Lena! It’s been a wonderful journey for me !! I’m so glad I did this for myself and so glad I did it with YOU ! It has opened doors and offered a new perspective on my life. Thank you for your great listening skills and all your advices. You are a very fresh and vibrant person and communicate so well! 🙂
Ariane Le C., Freelancer/Entrepreneur in Image Consulting, Brussels
Growing with you has been very helpful and encouraging for me! I noticed positive results in my life since the very first coaching session! Skype meetings are so easy, I enjoyed speaking openly with you from my house in Munich!
Juan Manuel U., Manager in New Energies Sector, Munich
Lena helps you better organise your own life, and bring more balance to it. She helps you find your own path and makes you a more effective communicator (and an even better listener)! Lena is passionate and always adapt content to you with practical, relevant examples!
Matteo M., Manager/ Consultant in Tech Sector, Brussels

Why I Created Career Guidance Program

After climbing the ladder at Fortune 500 companies and working at international public organisations, like the United Nations, the European Commission and the Parliament – I decided to quit and start a socially-driven company that matches my purpose, talents, and values.

On the outside, I was very successful in my top performing corporate job. But on the inside, I felt stuck, confused, and disconnected from my values. I was living from weekend to weekend feeling like “I was losing time in my life”.

That’s why, in my work as talent coach, I want to save you time and energy, and most importantly strategically walk you through my tested career clarity process to help you get on your right path that matches your purpose, talents, and values.

100 % Satisfaction Guarantee

If you aren’t happy with your program after our first session – just tell me and I’ll personally arrange your refund. I want you to get the most out of your experience.

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How much time do I need?

Every coaching session takes 2h and is scheduled flexibly with you. There will be practical assignments during the program but they won’t take much of your time.

What if I’m not satisfied with the program?

This is 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Program, meaning if you don’t like the program after our first coaching session, I’ll make you a refund.

Is there a chance to get feedback after live sessions?

Yes, of course! Every Friday you’ll get inspiring resources for your growth and in addition, I’ll be available to answer via email any questions you may have during 3 months period.

What does it mean that the program is personalised ?

I’ll develop and design personalised exercises for you to help you grow and achieve your unique goals.