Hi I’m Lena,

I help Female Business Owners who feel they could be playing bigger in business, master their inner game to reach more passion, purpose, and profits.

I'm not yet another "guru" that you don't need. I'm your partner in progress on the pathway to your business breakthrough.

What brought me on this journey?

Growing up in a family of Polish teachers in times of political and socio-economic transformation, shaped my values and beliefs from an early age.

My grandma taught me the importance of authenticity, honesty, and learning. I grew up knowing that I’m the first generation in my family who has the possibility to benefit from open borders to create my life and future the way I want it. This had a huge impact on me.

Over the years, I’ve developed a strong conviction that anything is possible, as long as we’re persistent in our efforts, open to new possibilities, take responsibility for what we want in life, and commit to life-long learning.

Searching for the right path

When I was 15, I became interested in human potential and purposeful work – my successes and failures helped me to explore both.

My passion for making a difference led me to work on educational projects for least developed countries at the United Nations and later at the European Commission. I loved those experiences, but I couldn’t stop thinking that there must be more effective ways of addressing social issues.

That’s why, I moved to a more dynamic private sector. For 5 years, I worked at two global healthcare companies in a senior role where I explored the world of advocacy and business. There, I developed my natural visionary and strategic abilities.

From hitting the wall - To starting my business

While on the outside, I was looking successful with a senior job that brought status, attractive pay check, and all the bonuses and perks, on the inside I struggled with too much of internal politics and lack of true collaboration in my work environment. I felt like I was getting stuck on the wrong path in life. 

Finally, I hit a wall and got depressed…this painful experience led me to start my own business aligned with my values and beliefs. 

Since 2008 along side my different jobs, I’ve been actively pursuing certified personal development education, followed by business practice with hundreds of seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs, supporting them using tools from fields like: coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy, neuroscience, mindfulness, business development and soft skills trainings. I’ve been fascinated by growing opportunities for creating concrete results, sharing knowledge and teaching online.

And the journey continues...

After *many* twists and turns, today I’m a trainer and creator of The CEO Roadmap, a transformational online course that can help you crystallise your path forward and create more of centred empowered outcomes in your career and life.

I’ve been writing a weekly Blog dedicated to helping talents like you gain clarity, master your mindset, improve your productivity, start & grow your own business as well as develop practical soft skills and self-care practices for your success and well-being. I design personalised and leadership experiences for growth aligned with your Body, Mind and Soul.

In my free time, I love painting abstract art, travelling to new places, and spending time in nature. I live in Brussels with my husband Marco who helps me improve my cooking skills ;-).

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