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You Want These And More:

  • Get a clear direction in your career and life
  • Discover your unique talents and how to position yourself
  • Take consistent and confident action towards your dreams
  • Overcome fears and worries

How it works:

  • Flagship Personalised Program
  • 10h of Coaching in Brussels or via Skype video
  • Ongoing support, accountability, and motivation during 3 months


You Want These And Much More:

  • Get strategic mentoring for starting and growing a successful business
  • Create a brand people want to buy from
  • Design compelling offers
  • Engineer powerful marketing for your ideal clients
  • Overcome fears and worries

How it works:

  • Premium Personalised Mentoring Program
  • 6-12 Months of Mentoring in Brussels or via Skype video
  • 12 Full Days of Powerful Retreats
  • Ongoing Support, Accountability, and Motivation during 6-12 Months


You Want One Of These:

  • Define your life purpose
  • Learn how to make a quality career decision
  • Land in a job you love by succeeding at the interview
  • Get advice on your CV & Cover letter to stand out from the crowd

How it works:

  • Personalised Session
  • 2h of Coaching via Skype video

Results You Can Create Too

Thank you Lena for giving me support, motivation, and tools to help me make this change! So happy, I’ve build my personal brand and learnt how to set goals, negotiate, and prioritise my tasks. I’m now more focused on what I really want in my work and life.
Klaudia O., Freelancer/Entrepreneur in Beauty Sector, Warsaw
Growing with you has been very helpful and encouraging for me! I noticed positive results in my life since the very first coaching session! Skype meetings are so easy, I enjoyed speaking openly with you from my house in Munich!

Juan Manuel U., Consultant in New Energies Sector, Munich
I was feeling stuck and confused about what to do in my life. Lack of confidence and fear of the future were waking me up at night… But thanks to Lena, I’m now more self-aware, feel more secure about my choices and myself! Grazie! 🙂
Francesca L.P., Consultant, London
Lena, you rock! I’ve got more positive attitude and approach towards life after discovering my talents and building my personal brand with you! Your coaching programs are very appealing and clear. You’re professional, friendly and I value your openness and emotions more than anything else!
Luciano C., Senior Public Official, The Hague
Lena, you have helped me so much and this will never ever be forgotten!!! As we say in Latin…PER ASPERA AD ASTRA!!! (From difficult times to the stars!!!) I love your direct and open approach. I now look forward to building my personal brand with you. 🙂
Andrea C., Freelancer in Trade Sector, Brussels
Wow Lena! It’s been a wonderful journey for me !! I’m so glad I did this for myself and so glad I did it with YOU ! It has opened doors and offered a new perspective on my life.Thank you for your great listening skills and all your advices. You are a very fresh and vibrant person and communicate so well!
Ariane L., Freelancer/Entrepreneur in Image Consulting, Brussels
Your programs are great not only for those who have no idea what they want to do, but also for these people who are aware of their talents but need help to better name and express them!
Emilia J., Manager in Energy Sector, Brussels
Lena helps you better organise your own life, and bring more balance to it. She helps you find your own path and makes you a more effective communicator (and an even better listener)! Lena is passionate and always adapt content to you with practical, relevant examples!
Matteo M., Manager/ Consultant in Tech Sector, Brussels
Lena is enthusiastic, energetic, and powerful! If you find yourself in such a moment of your life where you don’t see clearly a solution for your future, or don’t know where to start, or you just need some powerful motivation with lifelong benefits, go for Lena’s coaching programs! What I loved the most was Lena’ s smile, her availability to listen and to really adapt the exercises and the content of sessions to my needs and preferences.
Livia E., EU Public Official, Brussels
My employees were both young and at the beginning of their career, so I wanted to provide them with some extra “tools” and enable them to acquire some methods to work on their personal development. As I attended a session given by Lena I thought she had the right approach for these two young persons. I think she could play an important role in helping young people who are moving the first steps in their career or support those who are considering a radical change of their lives. In both cases, she can provide you with a methodology and a mental approach to face the new challenges ahead. For those settled in their career and not necessarily looking for new changes, she can provide the extra motivation and enthusiasm to accomplish their goals!
Andrea P., Managing Director & Founder, Brussels
It has been great working with Lena! Besides coaching me with my short-term goals and giving me tons of advice in a way I could easily take in, her advise for long-term and more personal projects has helped me grow – professionally and personally to reach some of the dreams I never thought possible.
Emilia V., Public Affairs Expert and Blogger, Brussels

You’ll Experience Well-Being

Your learning is more effective when touching your visual and emotional senses.

That’s why I design bespoke coaching programs with personalised tools and exercises that make you feel really good.

You thrive in authentic, creative, and joyful environment with time to express yourself and learn practical strategies? – Then this is a perfect solution for you!

Growing Process


Enjoy 45 min session with me to define together your needs, best program for you, and expected results. Learn more first and then decide.

first meeting
sessions schedule


Benefit from flexible coaching schedule adjusted to your lifestyle.


Learn with personalised program, practical and beautiful tools designed especially for your journey.

program design
talent coaching


Enjoy comfortable Skype sessions adjusted to your lifestyle or meet me in person in Brussels and discover inspiring places together.


I love to over-deliver. Take the most out of your coaching program benefiting from ongoing support and motivation via email in between your sessions.



We will celebrate your results at every step of your journey. So fasten your seatbelt, and get ready for the learning party!

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