If I know something about you, is that you’re an accomplished individual who wants to make the best of her/his lifetime. Right?

However, sometimes life gets so busy with work and projects that some aspects of it are neglected or pushed aside…

…Your health and fitness, 

…Your intimate relationships, 

…Your family and children,

…Your friendships,

…Your hobbies and interests,

…Your spiritual life,

…Your personal development…you name it.

If you find yourself constantly tired, lacking energy or feeling unhappy – Ask yourself: Which of these important areas in my life needs more of my attention?

Sometimes, it’s hard to see and accept (I’m raising my hand too) that ALL of those “other things” are true enablers for your work, business and… yourself to thrive. That’s why, today I want to share with a goal setting system that can offer you a more holistic approach to your life and work. 

Start setting up concrete goals in these 3 Categories This approach will create more balance in your life:

1. What Goals: Your career or business… – (What’s the source of your income?)

2. Why Goals: Your family and your life’s mission… – (Why do you work in the first place? What drives you in life?)

3. How Goals: Connecting deeply with people in your life, developing yourself, your passions and interests, eating healthy and exercising regularly, having a spiritual practice, etc…. (What are your enablers? What fuels you in life? )

As you regularly schedule your professional commitments – make sure that you do the same with other important areas of your life. My dear, enable yourself to be a true success.

With love and appreciation,


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