Are you continuously thinking: What’s next?

Next goal, next project, next accomplishment, next promotion, next client, next…next…next?

On the pathway to success, it’s easy to lose a sight from the intention of all that hurry, running, and sweating.

I’ve seen these many times: chasing a shiny object, running after it, reaching a desired point and then hitting a wall… by feeling deceived, experiencing some sort of inner emptiness, being left with this question: Is it all there is?

It’s easy to get this wrong.

It often happens when we unconsciously pick up the pace to run on a treadmill after others thinking that if only I’ve achieved “this” or “that” I’ll finally be happy and experience inner peace.

The truth is this: “We cannot see our reflection in running water. It is only in still water that we can see.” – Taoist Proverb.

Before heading to your next task, project or goal – please my dear give yourself the time to reflect on these 3 Steps:

STEP 1: Stop for a day or two and think about your recent accomplishment: What was your intention there? Was this goal purely yours?

STEP 2: Take a piece of paper and journal on these 3 questions: What have I learnt? What am I proud of? And who have I become thanks to that experience?

STEP 3: Practice this regularly. It will help you to fully integrate your successes, choose your next goals more intentionally and experience more happiness on the pathway to achieving.

You’re an amazing human being.

Be intentional with your goals. Follow your own path, your own pace, and your own truth.

I believe in you and your dreams.

With so much love,


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