Have you ever got into professional relationship that left you sad and dry?

Perhaps, disappointed by a client, contractor, business partner or a person renovating your home? 

Yep… I’m raising my hand too!

You thought you talked about the same things, you thought you understood each other and the expected outcome and then *BANG!* – Big disappointment, failure, waste of time or money.

After getting dry like a desert, I couldn’t resist and asked myself: What did I miss? What could possibly get wrong?

And here it was a big “aha moment”: Don’t expect that other people will act according to your rules, if you don’t present them to them.

What do I mean by that?

It’s not enough to agree to the WHAT (goal, outcome) of a given project, it’s equally important the HOW this project or its parts will be delivered.

This could mean for instance:

  • Weekly Friday afternoon catch-up call or meeting to share the progress update / Instead of random meetings and last minute cancellations,

  • Defining a precise deadline date for a completion / Instead of dragging the project or being unavailable due to too many commitments,

  • Legal agreements / Instead of verbal agreements,

  • Short and structured communications via email /Instead of random texts, calls or social media messages,

  • Keeping a promise / Instead of constantly apologising,

  • Great customer service / Instead of blaming the customer, the weather, and everyone and everything around! 😂

Want to be sure that whoever you’re going into relationship with really get you?

Then stop assuming that others will read your mind and make sure that you clearly define what needs to happen in order for you to be happy in that partnership.

You have to communicate your standards and set boundaries where needed or you will most likely experience unnecessary stress and disappointment. And you’re too smart to do it to yourself!

Ask and express to people these 3 Game-Changing Questions for Successful Relationships:

  1. What do you need in a relationship to feel satisfied?

  2. How often do we need to be in touch?/ speak?

  3. What’s essential for the success of our project?

Never assume the rules of others – always ask them and communicate yours too.

These are super important for success of your next professional relationship. And frankly speaking,  ANY human relationship! 😃

With love and encouragement,


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