Are you jealous of other people’s jobs, travels, relationships, and lives in general?

Does seeing their photos and social media posts tightens your chest, gives you an upset stomach or make your mind roars?

You’re not alone. I haven’t met a person in my life who hasn’t experienced jealousy, including me.

Most of us sees jealousy as a negative feeling, something that we want to avoid because we’re embarrassed about. However, there is a way to use jealousy for your own benefit and making it your own best friend.

Next time, you feel wave of jealousy or envy coming when you compare yourself to others, follow this crappy feeling and ask yourself – What is it that I’m jealous about? What is it exactly?

Maybe what you want is to…

… finally take a leap and change the job you hate,

… book a trip and let yourself relax,

… or open yourself up to a new social group where you can meet and learn from people you admire so much…

Following your jealousy will give you an important clue, because jealousy is a mapIt shows you a direction you truly want to take.

I like the way Julia Cameron describes it:

“Jealousy had been a mask for my fear of doing something I really wanted to do but was not yet brave enough to take action toward.”

Now, let’s turn your jealousy into your best friend. Take a piece of paper and write down your answers under three columns:

  1. Who am I jealous about?
  2. Why am I jealous about this person?
  3. What small action can I take today to move towards my wants and away from jealousy?
  4. Let me know how this exercise works for you. Share your comments below.

Remember, there is a place for all of us. There are no limitations to the number of fantastic jobs, travels, relationships, or lives in general – that you can too, create and experience for yourself.

With so much love,


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