What stops many people in achieving their goals is this one ugly excuse. We hear it like a mantra from our colleagues and friends (let’s be honest we use this sentence as well) – “I’m busy, I have no time”.

BUT, you and I know that when there is something that we have a REALLY strong desire and motivation for, we make the time for it.

To overcome “I’m busy, I have no time syndrom” there is this one powerful strategy, that works like magic whenever you want to follow through on what matters to you the most.

And that is – Saying NO.

Saying no deliberately, strategically, and of course with compassion to people, meetings, social events, or projects – that you don’t really care about, but you say yes to only because you feel guilty or because you agreed to in the past.

It’s uber important to evaluate all your commitments on a regular basis and make sure that you use your precious time on this planet with people and on things that have a meaning to you.

Give yourself permission to stop doing all.

Because the truth is that:  Everything you say yes to, you say no to something else.  And in the economic terms, it’s a serious thing called – an opportunity cost.

What’s this one thing that you should start saying “No” to get yourself more time? Let me know in the comments below.

If you are done with living with a constant overwhelm and lack of time to pursue your dreams, make “no” your initial response to new demands on your time.

 Say Yes To Less. I know you can do it! 🙂

With love and encouragement,


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