Have your recently watched a movie, read a book or experienced some other form of creative expression that really hit home for you?

Art often better transmits important messages to our hearts and open our minds to new perspectives and new possibilities than our daily life. Right?

It can transform and inspire us just in a moment.

I’ve recently experienced that storm of emotions that hit me in a gut while watching two well-played movies on a flight back home.

The Wife and The Kindergarten Teacher: (links to trailers)

  • two different stories,
  • two different contexts,
  • one deep regret of not openly expressing their talents and not living the life true to themselves.

I strongly recommend you watching them as they can help you avoid the greatest regret that many people have on their dying beds:

“I wish I’d had a courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

It’s my life purpose to guide and support you through my coaching programs and writing to Live your Talent and Make a Difference!

You’re a beautiful human being who is here on this planet for a reason. Never doubt in yourself and your own magic.

With love and encouragement,


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