As a new mom and a coach, I’m often asked this question: “What’s the one thing that you really want to share with your son?” 

I’d like him to know that we all have two major voices that live inside of us.

One tells you…

…Why bother?

…It’s too risky.

…You’re not smart, beautiful or good enough.

…It won’t work, etc.

And the other voice that tells you…

…Go for it!

…This is what you’ve always dreamed for.

…You’ll learn along the way.

…If you can dream it, you can do it.

…You live just once.

We get to choose which one we listen to more often, which one we entertain in our heads.

You have the power to fuel the voice that empowers you. Because, what you tell yourself when no one can listen are the most powerful words you’ll ever say.

Your next level of happiness, success and growth always lives on the side of fear.

Trust this little voice inside you that wants you to thrive!

I’m on this journey with you. I believe in you and your dreams. 💖

With all my love,


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