Do you run your day, OR does it run you?

It’s easy to slip into routine thinking 🤯 and robotic behaviours 🤖, isn’t it?

It happens to me too, especially on the days when I don’t meditate or allow other forms of “being” before diving into a “doing” mode. It often feels like I’m somewhat behind with my activities for the day, there’s never enough time and my thoughts or emotions are like a wild horse 🐴  riding me in all different directions. 😔

 Sounds familiar?

It’s time to catch the horse by the reins and start leading him! 🤠 These 4 Daily Growth Mindsets will help you run your day as you mean it and give you back the sense of freedom and peace of mind.

Practice saying to yourself these 4 Daily Growth Mindsets – each time during the day when you feel like your day is running you. 

1. I’m in charge of today. 

You decide how you want to feel and the meaning you give to what’s happening around you. You own this day.

2. I choose intention over impulse. 

You let go of distractions that take you away from what truly matters to you. You relinquish limiting thoughts like “I’m not good enough” or “It won’t work”. You focus on intention.

3. I’m mindful about this moment. 

You’re aware not busy. You feel and experience time and slow down the moments that matter. 

4. I generate positive energy. 

You create limitless energy and bring it out to the world. You add playfulness to everything you do. You live longer and perform better.

Today and every day, you can be in charge, you can be intentional, you can be present and you can generate positive energy! Never forget about it

With love and enthusiasm,


P.S. Good energy is contagious! 🥳 – Share this message with everybody you care about!

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