Have you ever thought about starting a lifestyle business? Working on your passions full time, making impact in other people’s lives and having creative and location freedom? 😍

Then, this message is for you!

I’ve started my own journey with personal development back in 2008 reading every book possible on the subject and taking certified training and online courses to further develop my knowledge and skills. And I still do to this day. 

In 2015, I started helping professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs to discover their own purpose in life and use their talents to make a difference. What I’ve noticed in those years is having even the most brilliant idea isn’t enough.

Building a business out of your passions requires wearing multiple hats and mastering various skills. It’s hard work. And it’s fulfilling. 

Thankfully, there are certain attitudes that you can develop to truly advance your purpose and grow your venture.

Here are 8 Essential Behind-the-Scenes Attitudes of Successful Entrepreneurs and questions to ask yourself.

Your answers can shine a light on areas which perhaps need more attention or preparation.

#1. Values Driven 

Question for you: Is your venture SO important to you that you’ll be willing to do even the most boring or difficult work to succeed?

#2. Independent 

Question for you: Can you work alone for long periods of time? 

#3. Doer

Question for you: Do you bring your projects to the finish line? 

#4. Resourceful

Question for you: Are you solution oriented? 

#5. Learner 

Question for you: Are you a quick learner, open to feedback and applying it?

#6. Motivated from within 

Question for you: Are you good at motivating yourself and others?

#7. Focused 

Question for you: Are you good at deciding on priorities? Where to invest your time and energy? 

#8. Proactive

Question for you: Are you a go-getter? 

Rank yourself on the scale of 1-10 for each question.  What’s your score for each attitude?

Everyone has something which can be improved, so no worries. Self-awareness is half of your success.

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Live Your Talent, Make A Difference.

With so much love and appreciation 💖


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