I literally bit my tongue 👅 and said this 3-letter word instead…

Have you ever watched a movie 🎥 that started kinda sluggish, developed slowly, but then it took an unexpected turn and ended up being very interesting?

I know I did –  on the screen and in real life.

We often make judgements too soon that something is not working or not improving.

It happens after making some efforts to:

…find a new job,

…get a promotion at work,

…develop a business,

…start a relationship,

…try a new workout or a diet,

you name it…

Rejections, little progress or failure lead many to stop trying.

But, this won’t happen to you.

This 3-letter word will do magic to your confidence when you start using it on a regular basis whenever experiencing some setbacks in your career or life.

Next time, when something is not turning out the way you want it, instead of saying to yourself…

It’s not working.

It’s not improving, etc.

Add this little BIG word at the end of your sentences: yet.

It’s not working YET. ✨

It’s not improving YET. ✨

Why is it so damn important? This simple 3-letter word will build up your confidence which improves your motivation and determination.

Don’t make judgment calls in the middle of your movie 🎥

Trust the process and your own journey. 💖

With lots of love,


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